Speak at the UK's leading Med-Tech Innovation Conference

The annual Med-Tech Innovation Conference aims to provide a thought-provoking platform for visitors, with an educational programme that encompasses technological advancements, business-critical insights, cutting edge industry applications and new academic research.

In 2023 attendees heard first-hand from headline speakers from Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, NHS, Department for Business and Trade, Office of Life Sciences, Department of Health and Social Care, Crispin Orthotics and Pennine Healthcare.

Med-Tech Innovation is now looking for speakers who can deliver compelling insights to inspire a global audience in June 2024. We are calling on the medical sector to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices for the program this year.

Presentation title, abstract (maximum 200 words), speaker biography (maximum 200 words) and a high-resolution headshot photograph can be submitted via the online submission form below.

Commercial and sales submissions will immediately be disqualified. Customer applications are encouraged and should be submitted by the end-user. The presentation length will vary from a maximum of 20 minutes to 30 minutes. If your presentation finishes before your allocated time, you are free to use the remainder for a Q&A. 

Speaker Benefits
Give you valuable exposure at the UK and Ireland's leading event for medical device manufacturing. 

Offer you the opportunity to showcase and increase the visibility of ground-breaking projects, research, and solutions.

Help you establish yourself and your organisation as thought-leaders and experts in medtech, in front of an engaged audience of peers and prospects.

See you benefit from a sustained marketing campaign, with promotion of the presentation, speaker, and organisation before, during, and after the show, online and through printed material.

Provide networking opportunities to meet fellow speakers, to drive relevant business conversations and build connections with the medtech community.
Conference Topics
Supply chain strategy  
Growing adoption of minimally invasive devices
New manufacturing practices
Medical device outsourcing
Overcoming manufacturing challenges
Recruitment and retention of new skills and talent
NHS market access
Sustainability strategy
Securing financial backing
Manufacturing for miniature (smaller) medical devices
Selection Criteria
Originality - How original or novel is the information contained in the presentation? Are there innovative applications, ground-breaking technology and cutting-edge research presented? Does the presentation challenge the status quo or accepted norms? Originality is not only in the content. You cannot have presented this paper outside of your own business anywhere else prior to Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

Impartiality - Submission should be impartial and non-commercial in nature. Sales presentations will be rejected.

Objectives - What does the presentation seek to get across to the audience. What are the aims of the presentation? What will it address? What will be covered? Be clear on the elements you are going to present so we can make a valued judgement on the content of your presentation.

Audience - How many people will be interested in hearing this presentation? If you are presenting on a niche topic, that may preclude us from accepting it. Submissions that appeal to a greater audience may have a greater chance of being selected.

Technical Information - Our audience is highly intelligent and tech literate, if you need to delve into the technical to get your point across then please do so – depth of explanation and technical detail is highly prized by our audience.

Learning Objectives - Have you been clear with the audience’s learning objectives? What will the audience walk away having learned by attending your presentation?
Speaker Submission Form

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Thank you for your submission regarding speaking at Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

A member of the team will be in contact with you shortly if you have been successful.

Thank you for your submission regarding speaking at Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

A member of the team will be in contact with you shortly if you have been successful.

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