Sarah Bolton
Business Manager, CHEATA, NUH NHS Trust

About me


Sarah has been the Business Manager for CHEATA since August 2016. Prior to joining CHEATA, Sarah was responsible for Healthcare and Medical Devices at Pera Technology, a role which included project delivery, client engagement and management, project planning and management as well as bid writing for major UK and EC funding bodies. Sarah is an experienced research scientist with a background in academic and clinical inflammation research where she undertook her post-doctoral studies on inflammatory mechanisms in the brain and activation mechanisms of eosinophils in asthma. She joined AstraZeneca in 2004 as an Experimental Pathologist in the Respiratory and Inflammation Therapy area, specialising in translation pathology of COPD and asthma. After leaving AZ, Sarah worked as an independent consultant continuing the experimental pathology work for a range of academic and commercial clients.

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