Thomas Freeney
Research and Development Executive, MeeToo

About me


Thomas is a qualified teacher and researcher who specialises in assessing and supporting wellbeing practices to better aid whole system mental health. He has worked with MeeToo Education on and off since 2017 to improve young people's access to support and to boost understanding of key issues across settings. 

Thomas has developed his skills and a holistic view of education through governance, teaching and coaching at all ages and across subjects and domains. As a secondary science teacher, he quickly became a source of support for many students and is skilled in developing rapport to help identify needs and to improve intervention outcomes. 

In order to identify needs of local authorities and schools, Thomas runs in depth qualitative and quantitative research where findings are used to ensure spending targets the most critical areas. 

Having experienced the positive and negative impact of school systems on student and staff well being, Thomas is passionate about improving the quality of provision across education. 

Thomas now leads on new projects for MeeToo, helping to identify how the support can best be applied to reach those with the greatest need.

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