Philip Clay
Director and Principal Toxicologist, Chorley Consulting

About me


Philip is a UK and European registered toxicologist and specialises in safety assessment with over 30 years experience. He has published and presented widely in his expert field of genetic toxicology and also in the wider area of safety assessment. 
Chorley Consulting designs safety assessment programmes for medical devices and also provides toxicological advice for a range of product types. Philip is presently a BSI committee member for CH/194 (Biological evaluation of medical devices). 

Chorley Consulting works with a number clients ranging from multinational manufacturers to single product start-ups. They have experience with assessing the biological safety of a wide range of devices including cosmetic surgery products, surgical implants, anaesthetic gas devices, catheters and invasive patient monitoring systems as well consumer healthcare products ranging from Class 3 devices down to Class 1.

Their biological safety assessments have formed part of technical file submissions to a number of notified bodies without comment as well as supporting clinical trial applications. They also have experience with medical device submissions to regulatory authorities around the world including US FDA and China NMPA.

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