Roy Crombie
Project Mananger
Paragon Rapid Technologies

Roy started working for Paragon in August 2011 as a Project Manager. He had a clear objective: to help develop the Low Volume Production and Post Production Supply routes.
Roy’s background was in Injection Moulding, and he worked within a production environment for 18 years prior to joining Paragon Rapid Technologies. Bringing a new mindset and some useful knowledge, Roy has been instrumental in helping Paragon move from the prototyping arena and into low volume production.
Roy has been responsible for introducing new production technologies and techniques which differ from traditional prototyping processes. It was therefore a natural transition for him to head up the new additive manufacturing process when Paragon decided to partner with Carbon and took receipt of the 1st DLS Machine. It is a technology he hopes will revolutionise how small production parts are produced.

Currently running three machines, the ambitions is to acquire 10 by the end of 2019. Developing the Digital Light Synthesis capability is as much to do with understanding customer needs as understanding processes. Roy sees DLS as a crucial print and production technology in the medical innovation sector and is keen to demonstrate its potential.



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