Professor Daniel Steenstra
Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Innovation
Cranfield Univeristy
Daniel is the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Visiting Professor in Medical Innovation, hosted by Cranfield University. He has a unique combination of skills and expertise in medicine, industry and academia. He graduated in medicine and worked as House Officer across medical disciplines in several hospitals in and around Amsterdam. Daniel then became a car-designer and has worked in design and innovation management in companies such as Jaguar, Ford, Unilever and Alstom. As MD of Innovations Factory Ltd, he developed and commercialised healthcare working inside the NHS. Furthermore, Daniel is the MD of InterAlign Organisation Ltd which owns and commercialises intellectual property rights of a complexity management system that is currently developed into an Artificial Intelligence innovation platform. Over the last 20 years, Daniel led complex multi-stakeholder projects in academia and industry. At Cranfield, he led projects in advanced therapeutic medicinal products; Daniel is involved in a range of healthcare-related projects including AR/VR for complex interventions.



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