Hannah Thompson
Managing Director

Hannah Rose Thomson is Managing Director of Journalista, providing strategy, communications and PR support to a growing number of brands at the forefront of health and social care, tech and research.

Prior to joining Journalista in 2019, Hannah Rose was Head of Strategic Partnerships and Health for Elvie – the women’s health technology startup. During her three and a half years with Elvie, she grew a community of 1000+ clinical advocates, rolled out the company’s presence in private healthcare sectors in 10+ countries and collaborated with data and medical experts to build the clinical and cost effectiveness evidence necessary to secure an NHS Supply Chain tender and reimbursement opportunities abroad.

Her time with Elvie built on previous NHS-facing innovation work, including in her role as Chief Operating Officer at Selfless (creating digital products to encourage innovation within the NHS, like ImproveWell) and Communications and Engagement Coordinator at the South West Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) (crowdsourcing solutions to health challenges across industry, academia and health providers, including for SBRI).

Hannah Rose has an MSc in Bio-Business from Birkbeck, the University of London, during which she examined the impact of market forces on the realisation of health and wellbeing. She came to understand health as a human right during her BSc in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.



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