Med-Tech Innovation Expo Finalists

The finalists for the Med-Tech Innovation award categories, taking place as part of the Medilink UK Healthcare Business awards, have been decided by an independent judging panel. The five new Med-Tech Innovation award categories will sit alongside the Medilink UK categories at this year’s awards and gala dinner, as a representation of engineering excellence and ingenuity across the medtech sector.

Connected Health Award

Entrants need to have played a part in the design or manufacture of a cutting edge connected medical device. Perhaps entrants supplied miniaturised sensors, or conductive materials, or perhaps they were involved in the production or assembly of specific components. Entrants can also be software providers or digital service providers in this category. 

Sentinel Biosensor


Sentinel Biosensor's medical grade, re-useable, wearable vital signs monitor, which claims to measure more vital signs in a single device than any other.



Sensium's discreet, wearable, wireless system for monitoring vital signs of patients outside of high acuity areas.

Arete Medical Technologies


Arete Medical Technologies' Respicorder for monitoring respiratory conditions.

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited


Cambridge Respiratory Innovations' N-Tidal technology platform for consistently and reliably measuring the TBCO2 waveform.

Aseptika Limited (Activ8rlives)


Aseptika’s Activ8rlives platform called Asthma+me for children with moderate-to-severe asthmas.

Design Award

Quite simply, entrants should be able to demonstrate how design principles have been used to create a futuristic solution to meet a clinical need. Entrants can be from a design agency, or in-house team. Describe in detail the challenges and complexities involved in designing the product, plus the material and processing decisions that were made to enable the successful design. 

Sutrue Ltd


Sutrue's range of devices with “spring-plate” design which helps drive a needle 360°, creating a perfect suture at the touch of a button.

Computational Life


Computational Life's testing software which integrates several components of the human body in a tightly integrated manner.

BlueThink UK Ltd


BlueThink UK's battery technology which aims to improve the experience of everyone involved in the product life-cycle, from design to final disposal.

Sheffield Hallam University


Sheffield Hallam University's wireless non-invasive respiratory sound recording device, to overcome the challenges in the screening and diagnosis of inducible laryngeal obstruction (ILO) in paediatric patients.

Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre


MD-TEC's Sim Lab, which echoes the NHS clinical environment, allowing companies to design products that synergise with the existing clinical infrastructure.

Owen Mumford Ltd


Owen Mumford's Unifine Pentips Plus (UPP), a single use disposable needle for use with re-useable or disposable injection pens.

Engineering Award

Entrants should submit an idea which resulted in a breakthrough or improvement to the manufacture of a specific product or component. For example, if the entrant’s team re-evaluated a part design, or selected a different material to overcome a specific issue, the entrant should describe in detail the benefits of that strategic decision. 

ES Precision Ltd


ES Precision's CO2 laser perforating process which contributes to a better, more comfortable experience for amputees when wearing artificial limbs.

Riverside Medical Packaging with Mitsubishi Electric


In order to vastly reduce the floorspace required to package medical products Riverside Medical Packaging has teamed-up with Mitsubishi Electric to develop an innovative, compact thermoforming packaging machine that breaks the rules of conventional packaging lines and reduces the footprint of a medical packaging line by a huge margin.

LightOx Ltd


LightOx's device that is capable of delivering light at a wavelength, for a set period of time, with a set intensity, essentially delivering power to the target in a controlled manner, when developing light-sensitive drugs and devices.

Industry 4.0 Award

Entrants here will be able to demonstrate that adopting smart manufacturing techniques and systems has resulted in productivity gains, and efficiencies of scale. Entrants should be able to explain how a pioneering approach to capital investment benefits not only their own business, but also the customer and the end user. 



MasterControl's Manufacturing Excellence solution for medical devices and pharmaceuticals eliminates the inefficient paper-based management of device history records, recipe management, batch records, travelers and other manufacturing information processes, and provides greater automation, visibility and traceability throughout the production life cycle.

Trend Technologies and Sumitomo Demag


Sumitomo Demag's all-electric injection moulding machines, supplied to Trend Technologies' recently opened third ISO Class 7 (10,000) cleanroom in Mullingar, Ireland.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms


Connect 2 Cleanrooms' intelligent cleanroom solution, designed for a medical device manufacturing contract that is due to run until 2032.

Materials Innovation Award

Entrants to this category should put forward an example of an application in which material choice was pivotal to the success of the final product. How was the decision made? Which other materials were tested before arriving at a workable solution? Who provided the expertise and know-how to help find the perfect material of choice for the application?

Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc


Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies' novel growing and green processing technologies for the production of hypoallergenic and sustainable biolatex, biorubber and inulin to solve latex allergy and satisfy growing rubber demand in a sustainable way.

MP+H Packaging


MP+H Packaging's coating that protects medical products from cross-contamination throughout the supply chain.

Shapeways and EOS


Shapeways and EOS' PA11, which is derived from castor oil and is now being made available to customers as part of the firm's expansion into the orthosis and prosthesis market.