Brett Marmo
Brett Marmo
Xi Engineering Consultants

Dr Brett Marmo is the Technical Director of Xi Engineering Consultants. Dr Marmo received his PhD from The University of Melbourne in 1999 for his work studying glacial movement in Antarctica and its ramifications for global climate change. His studies in Antarctica involved numerical simulation of glaciers combined with field-based measurements. This underpinning of high-level numerical simulations with robust hands-on field work became a theme of his career which has varied through a wide range of topics and continues to be his guiding philosophy at Xi.

Dr Marmo lectured in geology at The University of Sydney and material sciences at The University of Edinburgh. His research while in academia ranged from metamorphic processes in rocks to the sliding friction on ice for winter Olympic sports. In 2006, Dr Marmo joined Xi Engineering Consultants (previously known as Reactec). At Xi he leads a team specialising in acoustics, vibration, electro-statics and electromagnetics. In the last year Dr Marmo and his team have measured and simulated a wide range of devices including ultrasound transduces, headphone speakers, seismicity of wind turbines, underwater noise from piledriving and generators for renewable devices.

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