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SuNPe was set up in 2005,has grown up from a small machining workshop to one of the largest prototyping & manufacturing companies with four factories in China now.SuNPe provides one stop services from prototyping to low volume production.Services include cnc machining,3D printing,vacuum casting,tooling and injection molding,pressure die casting,silicone/rubber parts,sheet metal,extrusion,surface finish and low volume production.Our clients are mainly from automotive,medical,consumer,electronic,scientific and so on.With huge capacity,cost effective,fast delivery and project assurance SuNPe is wellreceived by clients.
Assembly and Automation Design and R&D Manufacturing Services Materials Moulding and Extrusion Equipment and Service Surface Treatment

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Represented Companies: Phillip; Newell Brands; GE;GE Healthcar;General Electric Company;Siemens Healthineers;Abbott Laboratories;Roche Diagnostics;

SuNPe PROTOTYPE Press Releases

Electronics Project - Barcode Verifier

With 2 injection moulding work shops in house, at SuNPe,while meeting our customers tight lead time requirement, we also will use the soft tool by P20,S136H or NAK80 steel,share mould base or...

Medical training device

Building our customers functional prototypes,such as medical prototypes,electronic prototypes, scientific prorotypes, home appliance prototypes. SuNPe can offer vacuum casting service to meet our...

3D Printing Service

SuNPe is the one of the largest 3D printing manufacturers in ZhongShan China.Type of 3D printing we can offer are SLA,SLS and metal printing,which enables you to produce complex(functional) shapes...

CNC Machining

CNC is the most advantage service in SuNPe, which can machine parts from varieties of block material.We have more than 150sets CNC machines,including 3 axis,4 axis,5 axis machines. we offers...


SuNPe provides the service for extrusion prototype and low volume production.Depending on your sections tolerance requirements, we can proceed post machine, like punching, drilling and slotting...

Pressure die casting

Pressure die casting is an ideal method for making large quantities of metal parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional stability. We provide cast parts in aluminum, zinc and...

SuNPe Catalog

SuNPe was set up in 2005,has grown up from a small machining workshop to one of the largest prototyping & manufacturing companies with four factories in China now.SuNPe provides one stop services...

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Sheet metal

SuNPe provides the service for sheet metal prototype and low volume production, can support projects from simple bent sheet metal prototypes to complex mechanical assemblies. At SuNPe, we...

Low Volume Production

SuNPe provides completely integrated short-run and low-volume production services for the manufacturing of quick-turn, rapid prototypes and production components in a variety of plastic and metal...

Surface Finishing

SuNPe operates a full excellent surface finish services, enabling realistic prototypes to be tailored to your exact requirements. We employ professional finishers who can give your prototypes or...

Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum Casting is a widely used process in rapid prototyping, typically used for building functional prototypes out of broad range of polyurethanes and other polymers SuNPe owns 5 sets of vacuum...

High Surface quality block modelling

SuNPe is able to produce exceptionally high quality visual representation block models. Using a combination of high speed machining and traditional model making, these models are made from a...

Grow with love, grow with SuNPe--A Loving charity for children with autism

"Grow with love" has always been SuNPe's corporate philosophy. Though SuNPe Prototype is an industrial company that is professional at prototyping services like injection molding, die casting,...

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SuNPe 2019 public welfare activity

On December 29th, 2019, SuNPe group sales team held a 15km trail walk journey as an environmental protection welfare activity in Dongting Lake Nature Reserve, Hunan province, aims to raise our...

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Injection Moulding Service

Plastic injection molding is the most common industry way to manufacture plastic parts, especially when making larger quantities. Advantages Of Plastic Injection Molding from SuNPe: We have...

 Precision CNC Machining

To meet our customers tight tolerance requirement,we also can offer precision CNC machine service,which we can achieve the best tolerance of ±0.01mm with 5 axis CNC machines from Hass in...

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Inspection Studio

SuNPe has an inspection Studio to meet your different demands of quality inspection and quality control.We have CMM,Glossmeter,Coating Thickness Gauge, Cross-Cut Tester, Salt-Mist Tester, Torque...

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Silicone/Rubber Parts

SuNPe provides the service for silicone and rubber parts, making from the rapid tooling,delivery your parts in 5 to 12days.Usually make the products such as key pads, silicone buttons, Rubber...

Torch for The 2017 Ashgabat Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

Service: CNC Machining, die casting, Injection tooling service, sheet metal, lathe, laser etch, surface finish(polishing, plating, baking paint, gold blocking), assemble, packaging and delivery...



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