Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2020  Finalists Announced!

Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2020 Finalists Announced!

We are extremely proud to announce the finalists of the Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2020.

As part of the Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards these finalists represent the pinnacle of their profession. Congratulations to all entrants that have been shortlisted as finalists.

This year saw some fantastic, inspiring entries recognising areas of innovation, outstanding achievement and ground-breaking success across the life science and healthcare technology sectors over the last year.


Axial 3D
- Axial 3D's surgical model service uses machine learning algorithms to aid in the conversion of patient scan data to 3D anatomical models, leading to reduced lead times.

ExpHand Prosthetics - ExpHand have developed affordable, expandable, customisable 3D printed prosthetics for children aged 3 to 10, with adjustable universal sockets that can be fitted at home by parents.

FabRx Ltd - The M3dimaker 3D printer prints solid oral medicine, enabling personalised doses of medicine to meet specific health and therapeutic requirements in a single pill. MedScan 3D - MedScan 3D offers a 3D printed anatomical surgical model service, which uses expert adaption to produce anatomically accurate silicone test simulators for medical devices.

University of Liverpool - A digital electronic imaging system has been developed to enhance the quality control of the EBAM additive manufacturing process, to improve the reliability in the manufacture of bespoke orthopaedic implants.


Ainostics Ltd - Ainostics has developed an AI analysis engine which uses multi-modal patient data (scans, patient records, wearable sensors, etc) to perform highly accurate diagnosis and prognosis for early dementia.

FeelTect - Tight Alright is a connected wearable device for measuring and monitoring sub-bandage pressure during compression therapy, reducing healing times and improving quality of life.

Game Doctor - Game Doctor have developed a healthcare analytics and education platform using mobile gaming, to map and predict health behaviours in patients and the public.

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust - An online Point of Care Testing (POCT) service for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) enables en-route pathological testing with results available online for the destination hospital - reducing patient treatment time and improving clinical outcomes.

Nemaura Medical Inc - SugarBEAT is a non-invasive continuous glucose monitor and lifestyle app for diabetes, providing a personalised and progressive behaviour change app to manage and prevent type 2 diabetes.


Nemera - Safe'n'spray is a smart drug delivery device, with a reusable child-resistant locking unit and fingerprint identifier, to monitor drug delivery and prevent overdosing.

Oxford VR - A virtual reality therapy platform with a computer-generated virtual coach for personalised treatment of phobias and mental health. Great success at clinical trial has led to adoption in four NHS trusts.

SleepAngel - This patented medical barrier bedding allows the bedding to breathe whilst being a 100% barrier to allergens and pathogens, reducing hospital-acquired infections and increasing sustainability in the hospital setting.

TheMoment - M-co is a non-invasive wearable device utilising pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to ease the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.


Biovation Orthopaedic Solutions - An instrument kit used to perform cartilage replacement implant surgery, for big toe arthritis, has been redesigned to eliminate pre-operative lead-times, reduce manufacturing costs and lead times as well as allow for more accurate surgery.

Carclo Technical Plastics - Specialist in-tool process control and monitoring equipment has been introduced to the injection moulding process of a drug delivery device to improve quality control and reduce inspection costs.

Emerson - Emerson have developed a micro solenoid valve for use in portable oxygen concentrators, which is light and compact with a significantly higher flow rate than competitor valves, enhancing the quality of life of the user.

Freudenberg Medical - Helix iMC technology continuously measures the inner geometry of silicone tubes during the extrusion process, to improve product quality and productivity as well as reducing waste and time to market.

Marsden - The Patient Transfer Scale is a transfer board with an in-built weighing scale to enable immobile and time-critical patients to be weighed instantly and accurately to allow for precise administering of drug doses and treatment.


3M Medical Materials and Technologies - The 3M Extended Wear Medical Transfer Adhesives suite is a set of advanced solutions for stick-to-skin wearable devices which offer water resistance, breathability, elasticity and long wear times.

Paxxus - StreamOneR is an ultra-high barrier, hermetically sealable medical packaging solution designed for the number one polyester recycling stream, providing a higher performing and sustainable alternative to polypropylene medical packaging.

Spyras - Spyras have developed an affordable, disposable, paper-based wearable device for continuous real-time breathing analysis in hospitals. The device is designed to automatically alert clinicians of early signs of patient deterioration.

Stratasys - Specialist digital materials have been developed to allow the Stratasys Digital Anatomy Platform to replicate human anatomy which has the same biomechanical properties as native bone and tissue for realistic anatomical models.


The winners will be announced at the annual sell-out gala dinner on 1st April at The Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

Hosted this year, by medically qualified, critically acclaimed international stand-up comedian, Paul Sinha, and with over 300 professionals from across the industry coming to celebrate with the winners, network with peers and share their pride in the industry - this truly is an industry highlight.

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