Leading Medical Packaging Companies Will Be At Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Leading Medical Packaging Companies Will Be At Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Healthcare and Medical Technology moves on in leaps and bounds with every passing day. And this year, at Med-Tech Innovation Expo, the organisers acknowledge the importance packaging has to play in the medtech sector; from content tailored to the packaging industry to key packaging exhibitors. For the first time, the event will be held at the NEC, Birmingham. The expansion of the event is reflected in the conference and seminar programme which will now be held across three stages. This includes:

Developing simulation to tackle real-time packaging issues
Sean Egan, Director of Global Marketing at Nelipak Healthcare Packaging
This presentation will cover the development of simulation for thermoformed custom packaging, design and product integrity testing, predicted behaviour and performance, and first prototype samples. The session will also examine how simulation can provide data on material thickness during forming and how it can impact drop testing and reduce material gauge towards more sustainable solutions. In a recent article for Med-Tech Innovation, Sean Egan, Nelipak explained: “Involving a packaging partner at the earliest stages of product development can allow for the creation of innovative packaging that is both fit-for-purpose and as sustainable as possible.” He added: “Working with healthcare-focused packaging designers and engineers provides medical device companies with the ability to proactively innovate products even at the earliest stages of development.”

Stent package integrity: Regulatory shifts and the technological drivers
Donal Harrington, Director of Life Sciences at Anglo Production Process (APP)
The discussion will encompass package integrity testing, USP 1207, and regulatory shifts to come. Package integrity testing is of crucial importance. Taking the right approach to establish package quality testing protocols and implementing the proper test method is no longer an option but is necessary to reduce patient or consumer risk by delivering high-quality, defect-free packaging.

Using simulation to validate performance of drug delivery systems
Christopher Smith, Principal Engineer at Wilde Analysis
This session will present a holistic approach to simulation of an injection-moulded drug-delivery system. The presentation will demonstrate the importance of considering manufacturing processes when validating in-service performance and how simulation tools can be used to inform the design process.

On the show floor, professionals from all areas of the medical device supply chain will demonstrate their newest and most exciting solutions for ambitious technology users. Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2019 will feature some key players in the medical packaging sector. Highlighted below are just some of the packaging exhibitors this year:

Nelipak, a global leader in Healthcare Thermoformed Packaging with world class reputation for quality and service will be on stand F3. Nelipak provides custom- designed plastic packaging to the medical device and pharmaceutical markets, which protects their products to the point of use.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging is a leading supplier of pouches, lidding, roll stock, and mounting cards for the global healthcare industry and will be on stand D7. Their packaging protects medical devices and pharmaceutical products throughout the sterilization, shipment and storage processes.

New for 2019: Oliver Healthcare Packaging announced the acquisition of CleanCut Technologies, a medical packager based in USA. Mike Benevento, Oliver’s CEO, had this to say: “CleanCut Technologies is a proven, well-established brand in healthcare packaging, and this partnership allows us to maintain our exclusive focus in healthcare while increasing our reach in an industry we know and love. In addition, CleanCut has an exceptional design team, a robust product portfolio, and cleanroom manufacturing to help our customers succeed.”

Bemis Healthcare Packaging will be on stand G29. They provide high-quality, engineered packaging solutions tailored for the protection of cutting-edge medical devices, sensitive drugs and sophisticated diagnostic systems. Specialising in the manufacture of co-extruded, laminated and flexible films, foil barrier laminations, pouches, bags, thermoformed trays, lids, labels, heat seal coated DuPontTM Tyvek® and medical grades of paper. Their 100% Healthcare Packaging dedicated plants means they are able to provide the materials you need for the efficacy of your product.

MPH will be on stand F10 and are suppliers and manufacturers of printed flexible packaging and labels, including sachets, pouches, flow wrap, top and base web constructions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Healthcare sectors. Innovators in ‘Reductive Laminates’ and Anti-Bacterial Coating Technologies.

Riverside are specialists in complex medical device manufacture, medical packaging solutions and contract fulfilment and will be exhibiting on stand F3. Riverside Medical Packaging are a leading supplier of packaging machines and complete packaging line solutions. Operating from a state of the art 4,700 sq metre manufacturing facility tailor-made specifically for the manufacturing of medical packaging and products.

With over 40 years' experience across the UK and Ireland, IPP (formerly APP) is a technical distributor of manufacturing equipment to the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, specialising in packaging equipment, packaging inspection and testing equipment, automation and manufacturing equipment, and serialisation equipment. Their technical expertise in understanding the requirements and in delivering solutions is based on years of experience working with Life Science clients. They can be found on stand D3.



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