Finalists Announced for the Advancing Healthcare Award 2018

Finalists Announced for the Advancing Healthcare Award 2018

The judges have announced their selections; four finalists whose entries were chosen from a wealth of quality innovators, all vying for a chance to win the inaugural Advancing Healthcare Award.

Making its debut in 2018, the Advancing Healthcare Award (sponsored by Med-Tech Innovation News) was devised as a way to recognise the most innovative products, services, technology and approaches to manufacturing in healthcare on display at this year’s Med-Tech Innovation Expo.

The judges were looking for something unique; a product or service that has, or will, improve the medtech supply chain. The 2018 finalists are BioBarica, a manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers, Bluefrog Design, a product design consultancy, contract manufacturer Boddingtons Plastics, and FOBA Laser Marking, a specialist in product identification technologies.

FOBA Laser scooped a nomination for their new, patent pending technology – a laser marking product that drastically reduces the need for fixtures. 

To meet new government regulations, medical device manufacturers must make their products traceable by permanently laser marking them with a device identifier. To minimise operator errors, which can cause a costly misaligned or incorrect mark on the part, the industry relies on complex and expensive fixtures. Depending on the part complexity, the cost of a fixture can vary from several hundreds to many thousands of pounds. A manufacturing facility can easily use a hundred or more fixtures per production site.

FOBA’s innovation uses a concept based on through-the-lens vision combined with the tiling of images. In less than a second, medical devices dropped under the laser marker, in any orientation or position, are marked accordingly and with accuracy, without the need for fixtures.

Bluefrog Design were shortlisted for their innovative approach to treating paraesthesia – a complicated skin condition with no known cause. 

Using 3D laser scanning and 3D printing, the team was able to create a vest which was light and comfortable to wear, and which has greatly improved quality of life for the patient. The team proved that it is possible to use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to produce cost-effective, highly-personalised and intrinsically simple treatments for extremely complex conditions.

BioBarica manufactures chambers for the treatment of hyperbaric oxygenation. The firm, based in Buenos Aires, has been shortlisted for their Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chamber which they say is flexible and portable, and also doesn’t carry the explosive and safety hazards associated with high pressure chambers.

Finally, Boddingtons Plastics were nominated for commitment shown to the medical device sector with the opening of their £4.6m injection moulding manufacturing facility. The group says that the rewards from this investment have steadily accrued – both for the company and the industry. The group has since been nominated by GE Healthcare as Supplier of the Year while developing and manufacturing new applications with some of the major brands in the sector.

At the Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards on 25th April, the Advancing Healthcare Award will be presented to the finalist who’s entry was deemed to address an unmet need in the medtech manufacturing sector and stood out from the crowd as a one-of-a-kind solution.

Entries were judged by the content teams behind leading news brands Med-Tech Innovation News, Medical Plastics News, Digital Health Age and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Dave Gray, Editor of Med-Tech Innovation News magazine said: “It’s been a privilege to be a judge for this award. We’re all about innovations that disrupt the medical device landscape for the better – and we’ve landed on four finalists who really hit the brief.”

Visitors to Med-Tech Innovation Expo will find all four finalists exhibiting alongside almost 200 companies from across the medical device design and manufacturing supply chain, and can learn more about these exciting innovations throughout the two-day show.



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