7 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

7 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

1. Network, Get Work

Never underestimate the value of relationships in business; the power of being known. After all, today’s “coffee and a chat” could be tomorrow’s new client. (or a future employer if that’s what you’re looking for)

The relationships you have with the wider industry can mean the difference between getting your foot in the door and being fended off by the dreaded gate keeper. Trade events are the place to meet your peers, role models, competition and potential clients. Everyone in one place – certainly easier than trekking up and down the country for individual meetings/meetups throughout the year.

2. Learn About the Industry

Any trade event worth its salt will feature learning opportunities for visitors – from conferences and seminars to workshops and pop-up classrooms. Whether you’re looking for a chance to improve your skills at work, enhance your CV or become more knowledgeable in your industry so you can a provide better service for your clients, a trade show is a great place to learn from thought-leaders and gain exposure to the latest industry trends.

3. Want the Best Deal? Compare, Compare, Compare!

A trade show is the ideal place to source and compare new products and services. With all the leading names exhibiting alongside smaller businesses as well as the newest start-ups, it’s the perfect environment to find the very best product/service at the right price for your business.

To ensure you’re getting the greatest deal, be sure to get around all the relevant exhibitors and investigate every possibility. Trade show exhibitors love to make a deal on the day, by comparing your options on the show floor you could go home with the solution to your problems at a fraction of the expected cost!

4. Give Cold Calling the Cold Shoulder

Trade events offer unrestricted access to an already engaged audience; warm leads everywhere and plenty of opportunities for a casual approach. Put simply, your future clients are on the show floor, the barriers are down and they’re ready to talk to you.

By taking advantage of the chance to meet and engage with your target audience, you’ll get your brand noticed and be remembered for all the right reasons.

5. Exclusive Demonstrations

Exhibitions are the very best place to see new technology, products and services in action. Exhibitors go all out to ensure their stands are the most engaging and attractive to visitors – this means dynamic displays, exclusive product launches and hands-on demonstrations of all the latest innovations… and there’s freebies. Never forget the freebies.

6. Your Purchasing Questions Answered

If you’re seeking new suppliers, trade shows are the place to get all the answers you’ll need to make an informed decision. Before you get there, jump on the event website and browse their exhibitor list - If you know in advance who you’re looking for, you’ll have no trouble targeting the people who can help.

7. Advance Healthcare

OK, so this last one is niche to our own event but hey, it’s our blog! At Med-Tech Innovation we are on a mission to advance healthcare, but this isn’t something we can do alone. By bringing the industry together at our annual event in Coventry (2,500+ visitors alongside 200+ exhibiting companies from all areas of the medical device supply chain and a wealth of industry experts on two conference stages), we create the ideal environment for change. Together, we can find new ways to move forward as an industry, ultimately providing better outcomes for patients through exciting innovation for businesses.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo is the UK and Ireland's leading showcase for medical design and manufacturing technology - the only event serving the whole of the £27bn UK and Irish medical technology sector. Join us at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry 25 - 26 April 2018.



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