Cranage: Why should you use an accredited testing laboratory?

When deciding on which laboratory to use for your project testing requirements, you would naturally begin to think about value and service quality. Evaluating suppliers of testing services for your product is often as important as the technical solution provided by the product itself, but unlike product quality, evaluating service quality does not lend itself readily to measurement. There are a number of dimensions which can be associated with service quality and ten of these appear to be relevant when choosing an accredited testing service: • Credibility • Reliability • Competence • Confidence • Accessibility • Courtesy • Responsiveness • Customer Needs • Communication • Recognition The following characteristics were found to be related to the ten dimensions which, in our model, define service quality: • Able to trust the supplier and person doing the testing and has the technology and reputation (Credibility) • Highly competent technical staff independently assessed by a team of experts as having appropriate experience, qualifications and training (Competence) • Easy access to the person doing the testing with full support from management in overcoming challenges (Accessibility) • Available to help customers with a speedy resolution to technical queries or complaints, and a prompt testing and reporting service (Responsiveness) • Explanations of technical processes, test results, schedules and status reports (Communication) • Services are provided against what was ordered at the promised time with accurate and repeatable testing and technical support (Reliability) • Facilities and equipment are routinely calibrated and maintained with records diligently kept to ensure that measured quantities are accompanied by a statement of the associated uncertainty (Confidence) • Amicable relationship, respectful, considerate and polite (Courtesy) • Having customers’ best interest at heart, providing technical advice aimed at building long lasting business relationships and assisting to fill any knowledge gaps in assessing or testing for products compliance (Customer Needs) • Reported test results are trusted and accepted in all European countries and more than 51 countries worldwide (Recognition) Cranage has multiple testing facilities accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and evaluates electrical and electronic products for EMC, Safety, Wireless, and Environmental Performance (UKAS Testing Laboratory No: 1833). We also offer a materials testing service for Flammability & Fire Resistance (plastics, resins, textiles); Durability, Stress & Fatigue; Salt Spray & Mist Corrosion; Sand, Dust and Water Ingress; High & Low Temperature; Humidity; Rain & Wind; Vibration, Shock & Acceleration; Air Pressure; Dielectric Strength (CTI & PTI); UV & Solar radiation; Luminous Transmittance & Haze. Our facilities and staff are qualified to evaluate industrial, scientific and medical electrical equipment, household appliances, ITE, security and lighting, and products for highways, railways and public areas. Cranage test reports are accepted in Europe, Eurasia, Australasia, the Middle East, North America and Canada. To see evidence of our test laboratory accreditation, please visit: To ask about any of our services, please telephone or enquire online: Product Testing (GB): +44 (0)1630 658568 Product Certification (ROI): +353 (0)61 633 630



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