Cranage EMC & Safety: Glow Wire Testing

- “What is glow wire testing? And what does it involve?” Glow wire testing is implemented on plastic materials, predominantly used in electrical devices. It assesses the resistance ability of plastic within an ignited or self-extinguished environment. This is a safety test that is used to prevent the start or spread of a fire from an electrical component becoming overheated. Variations of tests performed in glow wire testing: • Test method for end products • Material flammability index • Ignition temperature The standards used for glow wire is IEC / BS EN 60695-2-11 and for needle flame IEC / BS EN 60695-11-5. At Cranage we offer an extensive service for glow fire testing. Many products require glow wire testing, such as household appliances or commonly known as ‘white goods’. The product standards require a glow wire test such as IEC / BS EN 60335-1, IEC / BS EN 60598-1 (Luminaires) and IEC / BS EN 61439-1 (Control panels). Individual product standards state the glow wire test method intended to use. If your product is put through specific glow proving, our exceedingly knowledgeable EMC & LVD Engineers will advise you of using the correct and most appropriate test method that fits to your product requirements. In some cases, it may be essential that your product maintains a flame resistance after a period of exposure to environments, such as weather. This is so we are able to conduct a standard glow wire test conditioning to simulate real-life circumstances. Conditioning examples include • Climatic exposure • Accelerated ageing Standards used for glow wire testing: IEC / BS EN 60695-2-11 – Flammability test method for end products IEC / BS EN 60695-2-12 – Flammability index test method for materials IEC / BS EN 60695-2-13 – Ignition test method for materials Laboratory Testing Services: • Independent and impartial – not connected to any supplier or manufacturer. • UKAS Accredited testing and inspection – compliant to ISO 17025. • Technical support for Designers, Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters. • We are a Notified Body for LVD – CE report and certificates for LVD. • CB certificates, factory inspections, test reports and technical files provided. • Product Approvals for Canada, N. America, Australia and Japan.



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