Bringing to Market: Asthma+me


Presentation HealthTech Stage D80

1.1 million children in the UK have Asthma with around 20% of these children requiring secondary or tertiary level care. Research shows <50% children only take their medications regularly as prescribed. Asthma deaths in children are rare but poor adherence to therapy was found to be a preventable cause in 34%.

With this unmet medical need Aseptika co-developed Asthma+me solution with a leading Paediatrician at NHS Trust (UK) with the focus on meeting the needs of children aged 6-12 years with moderate-to-severe asthma being treated as outpatients. Asthma+me also connects to our wireless medical monitors, creates medication diaries, trigger alerts for pollution/pollen/weather, symptoms tracking, electronics care plans and provides an extensive and customisable educational syllabus.

Asthma+me is a CE-marked Class 1 Medical Device and with the inclusion of deep learning capabilities and the transition to the MDR 2017/745 during 2020, Asthma+me SMART will be reclassified as a Class IIa medical device.Implementation in the real world and evidence generation for a self-management solution focused on this high-risk, high-cost patient cohort, comes with its own challenges of equivalence and pathfinding. Achieving regulatory approvals and recommendation by NICE, with novel reimbursement models acceptable to Commissioners, is as demanding as the development of the core technology itself.

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