Bringing to Market: Wound-Healing Sensors


Presentation HealthTech Stage D80

The goal of engineering novel medical devices is always to solve problems that are preventing either quality or quantity of life. Within the UK, where our NHS has limited resources, we must inevitably consider the financial cost of any new intervention and the potential for alleviating stress on our healthcare system.

For this reason, the research team at Heriot-Watt University is looking at ways they can set up simpler sensing modalities for health monitoring. A key area in this is to look at how tissues change in the body when a health condition is present. For example, in wounds, a cascade of cellular and biological behaviours occur that progress the tissue towards a healed state. Yet despite the prevalence of wounds and chronic wounds, we still rely on opening up dressings to visually inspect tissue improvement, rather than relying on a non-subjective measure.

Within this presentation, Dr Michael Crichton will discuss how bringing the mechanical material considerations into medical examinations has the potential to substantially change how we treat wounds (and other diseases). The session will also highlight the need to bring exciting novel engineering together with clinical necessity and advice to generate the next generation of medical technology.

Heriot-Watt University



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